Everything You Need To Know About The Viral Aunty Ji From The UK

An Aunty Ji has recently been gaining attention on social media platforms. Her hilarious videos are making the whole world split their sides. Due to her unique content, she has gone viral on social media platforms. Who is the lady? How did she become so popular? If you want these answers, you are at the right spot!

The funny video creator’s real name is Saj Khan. And you will be startled to know that she isn’t actually as old as she appears in the videos. She is younger than that and only plays the old woman’s role. Originally from Pakistan, but currently lives in the UK. She isn’t some normal content creator but a famous TikTok celebrity with over 3.9 million followers and 51.6 million total likes on her videos. She uploads her content by the username Saj2310_khan on TikTok. 

Aunty Ji’s rise to fame wasn’t a very happy journey, initially. She’s been married for about 14 years. She used to upload her videos secretly so that her husband doesn’t find out about them. As it is said, ‘Being famous is a boon as well as a curse’. One of her husband’s friends saw her videos and informed her husband about them, after which he lost his temper and made her delete TikTok. But she was destined to do big things, soon her husband started supporting her in her unique career choice.

And today, the same person who almost ended her career, actively supports her and even records her videos himself. In addition to a TikTok star, she is also a mother of 2 children and always maintains a respectable distance in her professional and personal life. Her children never appear in any of her videos.

Playing multiple roles, the aunt has gained popularity as mainly her ‘Maai’ character but she plays multiple roles in her videos. 

Punjabi superstar Jass Manak had too shared her video captioning “Aunty Ji Sira Krata” :


Many celebrities had also been wondering who the complete entertainer actually is. 

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