Ex-PPCC Chief Sidhu Lashes At CM Bhagwant Mann, Calls Him A “rubber-stamp” CM

Former PPCC chief and Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu has met the Governor of Punjab. He handed over a demand letter to the Governor regarding the issues related to Punjab. 

After his meeting with the Governor, he slammed Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann, saying “Bhagwant Mann has become the rubber stand Chief Minister”.

He even took a jibe at CM Mann on the law and order situation of Punjab. “Forget about the foreigners coming to Punjab, if the current situation prevails, then even the 3 crore Punjabis will soon leave the state”, said Sidhu.  

“If needed, I will go to Delhi and raise these issues”, he further added, and also opposed the recent cases registered on Kumar Vishwas and Alka Lamba.

Talking further about the issues of Punjab, he said:

There is a power crisis in the state today. The villages are getting the power supply for just 2 hours when 15,000 MW of electricity is required. How will this be fulfilled? There is a shortage of wheat due to the Ukraine-Russia war, leading to an increase in the prices. The farmers must get a bonus of Rs 500 per quintal.

Talking about the law and order situation, he said: The law and order situation of Punjab has been worsening and the people are unsafe. 40 people have died here but the CM is busy roaming around in Himachal and Gujarat, leaving the Punjabis in the lurch.

“The hard-earned money of Punjabis is being wasted on the advertisements of the AAP in Himachal and Gujarat. Haryana’s AAP in-charge doesn’t have any guts to utter even a word on the SYL issue”, he further added.

“To conclude, sir, while it is the obligation of the State Government to resolve the problems with sustainable solutions, nonetheless, it seems to be deviating from its fundamental duty and is relying just on populist measures, for benefits in other state elections, which only harms the interests of People of Punjab. Through you, we would like to urge that an effective, sustainable and immediate solution should be carried out in the interest of the people of Punjab”, wrote Sidhu, in his letter to the Governor of Punjab.

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