“AC Wasn’t Working & He Was Sweating Profusely”: Eye-Witnesses Blames Mismanagement For KK’s Demise

The sudden demise of Krishnakumar Kunnath who was popularly known as KK has spread gloom across the nation. The fans are sad and mourning the death of one of the best voices of Bollywood. He performed his last show in Kolkata on 31 May, where he eventually fell ill and was rushed to hospital, where he was declared brought dead

The police have reported his death unnatural and are investigating details of the same. But now, some eyewitness fans have come up and blamed the event organizers for KK’s untimely demise. Many videos from the event are doing rounds on social media in which KK can be seen uneasy and constantly wiping off the sweat from his face. 

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A fan tweeted, “AC wasn’t working at Nazrul Mancha. he performed there and complained abt it bcoz he was sweating so badly..it wasn’t an open auditorium. watch it closely u can see the way he was sweating, closed auditorium, over crowded, Legend had to go due to authority’s negligence. Not KK”

This video is being shared multiple times on social media, resulting in serious outrage among KK fans. Netizens are criticizing the event organizers for not taking proper care of the air conditioning in severe heat.

It is reported that KK was performing in Kolkata’s Nazrul Mancha late at night which is a closed auditorium. It was overcrowded as many people who did not even have passes entered the venue to enjoy KK’s performance. The AC’s were not working, the singer was even complaining about switching off some lights. 

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Another fan revealed more details about the mismanagement by writing, “he had a performance at the same place yesterday. He did complain yesterday as well, because he was sweating profusely. First of all it’s not an open auditorium, and when the venue is charging so much money atleast they should keep a check on their appliances. If you watch the video closely, you can literally see the way he was sweating and brushing off the sweat. He was literally requesting the management to switch on the AC and switch off some of the lights.”

Many people on the internet believe the mismanagement of the event organizers is the only reason behind the heatstroke KK experienced. And eventually, it is also believed to be the reason behind KK’s demise. For now, no official comments on this have been made by any authority or reliable source.

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