Facebook Removes Ravi Singh Khalsa’s Post For Violating Community Standards

Non-profit organization Khalsa Aid has earned a worldwide reputation for its humanitarian efforts. The organization is the first one to jump to the spot where help is needed. Ravinder Singh is the CEO and the founder of this relief organization.

Recently, the humanitarian had uploaded a post on his Facebook page. Facebook found the post against its community guidelines and removed it. Ravinder Singh was shocked to know of the removal and took it to Twitter to bash Facebook for removing the post.

As you can clearly see, the post shows some oxygen cylinders being tied to the humanitarian’s waist. The post also shows the letters “ I am not a terrorist ” in the background.

He took it to Twitter to ask the public what was so offensive about the picture that Facebook had to take it down. What do you think, was facebook right on its part to remove the post or was it unnecessary?

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