Fact Check: Did Anant Ambani Threaten Carryminati to Delete his Recent Roast Video?

Carryminati is undoubtedly one of the biggest, and equally controversial, youtubers in the country. He recently uploaded a roast video on his Youtube Channel, targeting various vlogging Youtubers. The video has since been a center point to various controversies.

A tweet has been going viral over social media which seemingly shows an account named Anant Ambani, billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s son, asking Carryminati to delete his recent roast video for the comments made against Mukesh Ambani. The tweet has been widely shared over social media.

The truth is that the tweet was a fake one, made using a fake profile and immediately went viral on social media. The sudden virality of the fake tweet did not allow the users to verify the authenticity of the tweet.

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Earlier, Carryminati was surrounded with controversy due to the same video with Flying Beast. Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast was also one of the subjects of the roast by Carryminati. This did not go well with Flying Beast who called Carry out for not asking for his permission before the roast.

You can watch the full video here:

The video has so far garnered 39 Million views in just 12 days. It continues to remain on the Youtube Trending Videos list in India.

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