Fact Check: Did Goldy Brar Support Elvish Yadav After Salman Khan Bashed Him In BB Show?

Elvish Yadav’s entry in the Bigg Boss OTT house has become the hottest topic around. In the recent Weekend Ka Vaar, host Salman Khan schooled Elvish Yadav for his language used against female contestants. Following that, a tweet started going viral over social media.

The tweet showed Goldy Brar, the main accused in Sidhu Moosewala murder case, giving death threats to host Salman Khan for schooling Elvish Yadav. The tweet instantly went viral all over social media. Media portals like Times Of India also posted about the alleged threat.

Zoom Tv also made an Instagram post regarding the alleged threat. However, the truth is that Goldy Brar did not give any threat to Salman Khan. Actually, the tweet that has been cited as a source in all the portals is made from a fake account that goes by the username ‘@ResponsibleMunda’.

The account is not available on twitter now. It is not the official account of Gangster Goldy Brar. The tweet was made in a rather sarcastic way, however, people think it to be a real threat to Salman Khan.

Similarly a news was circulated over social media alleging that Salman Khan’s follower count dropped from 66 million to 63 million on Instagram. However, later it was revealed that Salman Khan did not even have 66 million followers in the first place.

All this fake news spread after Salman Khan’s interaction with Elvish Yadav on Bigg Boss Ott Season 2 Weekend Ka Vaar. Elvish Yadav used some words that were not appropriate for the show. Salman slammed Elvish for it and Elvish’s mother was called on the show via a video call. This made Elvish emotional and he started crying.

VERDICT: The Viral Tweet is Fake and News regarding threat to Salman Khan is also Fake.

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