Fact Check: Did Karan Aujla Really Support Sidhu Moosewala Following His Move To Join Congress?

Just a few days ago, Sidhu Moosewala marked the beginning of his political career by joining Congress. The news came off as a surprise to everyone. It was bound to divide the public in two parts, one in the favour of this move and the other against it. Even some die-hard Sidhu fans went against him and criticised him for this move. 

There was another part of the public supporting Sidhu’s move. Even the Punjabi Industry started reacting to the situation and stars like Parmish Verma came out in support of Sidhu Moosewala. But what blew everyone’s mind away was a screenshot of a Snapchat story by Karan Aujla. The Snapchat story made the public believe that Karan Aujla was supporting Sidhu Moosewala’s move to Congress!

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If you hadn’t been living under a rock for all these years, you might know that Sidhu Moosewala and Karan Aujla are arch-rivals! Both the stars have been surrounded by controversies and their beef is undoubtedly one of the biggest music beefs in the country. And the news that Karan Aujla came out in support of Sidhu Moosewala would easily shake away anybody’s mind.

It was a really positive story, but unfortunately, the screenshot circulating all over the media is actually fake. It was confirmed by the team of Karan Aujla, in an exclusive talk with Kiddaan. Karan Aujla did not post any such Snapchat Story. The origins of the fake screenshot remain unknown as of now but it was being circulated widely on the internet.

It’s become so easy to deceive the public in today’s world. A two-minute edit is enough to create an almost-perfect screenshot. While an expert may find a mistake, a common man is generally deceived by them. We should surely cross-verify before believing anything on the internet, provided the ease with which anything can be faked in today’s world.

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