Fact Check: Has Dilpreet Dhillon Really Launched His Own Whiskey Brand? Truth Inside

Punjabi Celebrities have started to pursue their ventures other than the entertainment industry. Many stars are launching their own merchandise, clothing brands, buying Hotel franchises and more. Amidst all this, a photo of Dilpreet Dhillon has gone viral on the internet that has made everyone believe that Dilpreet has started his own Whiskey brand named ‘Dhillon Whiskey”.

The photo was shared by Jordan Sandhu on his official Snapchat handle wherein Dilpreet Dhillon is holding a whiskey with the label ‘Dhillon Whiskey’ on it. Jordan Sandhu even wrote the text ‘Dhillons Takeover Baby’ in his Snapchat story along with the picture which made the audience think that Dilpreet had probably launched his own Whiskey Brand.

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But, according to the sources of a Punjab-based Media Platform, SirfPunjabiyat, it has finally been revealed that the news of Dilpreet Dhillon launching his own Whiskey Brand is totally fake! The whiskey that Dilpreet is holding in the viral photo that has been the centre of all the confusion, was actually a gift by a Scottish Whiskey Brand to Dilpreet.

So, Dilpreet Dhillon has not launched his Whiskey Brand. Many news websites rushed to spread this news and this way, the fake news was circulated widely all over the internet. The audience too believed the information being spread immediately and believed the fake news to be a real one.

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In today’s world, we all need to be very specific about the news we read, hear or see on social media platforms. Many of these news’ are being circulated without any concrete evidence and fact-check. Beware of fake news’

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