Fact Check: News Reporting Demise Of Popular Veteran Singer Lucky Ali Goes Viral On Social Media

Social Media has become a platform for circulating news stories as well. But this does not mean that everything we see on social media is authentic and real.

Various cases of spreading fake news and fake information have been reported in all over the world.

Recently also, the social media was flooded with reports claiming the demise of popular veteran singer Lucky Ali due to COVID-19.

But we would like to bring it in your notice that the reports are completely fake.

Times of India, to clarify and confirm the viral reports, got in touch with actress Nafisa Ali (a good friend of Lucky Ali).

She clarified that Lucky Ali is healthy and fine and is not even COVID positive.

She stated,

“I chatted with Lucky Ali 2-3 times today. He is fine. He does not have COVID. In fact, he has antibodies. He is busy planning his music and concerts. We were talking about virtual concerts happening and all such things. He is on his farm in Bengaluru and his family is there with him. I just spoke to him, everybody is fine,”

It is a news of great relief for the fans that Lucky Ali is perfectly fine. 

Kiddaan doesn’t appreciate the spreading of fake news and information on Social media as it is a criminal offence as well.

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