Did Time Of India Followers Drop After Virat Kohli Slammed It For Fake News?

Former captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli recently slammed a leading newspaper organization for spreading and publishing fake news about him.

Kohli revealed on his Instagram Stories that the news published by Times Of India that he and Anushka are building a pitch at their Alibaug farmhouse is false. He even wrote that the newspaper he was reading since his childhood, is now spreading fake news. 

Virat Kohli enjoys a following of 256 million followers on his Instagram account. His story went viral and soon after that his fans and netizens started trolling TOI. 

Virat’s story had such a huge impact that there were rumours about Times Of India losing followers after this story. An image has also been circulated on the social media in which it showed that the followers of TOI have dropped rapidly. 

The image also showed that earlier the followers were 5.6 million but now they are 2.8 million. 

However this is not true and it’s a fake image. Kiddan has verified the news through the socialblade website and it showed that Times Of India always had these many followers only, which is around 2.8 million. 

The number never reached 5.6 million. However on the daily basis there has been an increase in the number of their followers but the numbers never reached 5.6 million. The newspaper organization did not lose any followers and the image of them losing so many followers is fake. 

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