Fact Check: The Viral Photo Of Manali Overcrowded With Tourists Is From December 2020

A photo is going viral on social media recently. The photo shows Himachal’s top tourist attraction and hill station, Manali, being overcrowded with tourists pouring in the station from all over Northern India.

It attracted a lot of criticism for ignorance by tourists in the times of the Coronavirus pandemic, when social distancing is a life-saving requirement. Now, the truth about the photograph has come out.

The photo, long believed to have been taken at the times when the country is finding it difficult to tackle the second wave of COVID-19, is actually a lot older. It hasn’t been taken at the times of the second wave. It was clicked by the photographer Amigosblink on 30th of December, 2020, the eve of New Year. 

The photographer behind the picture himself revealed that the picture is not a recent one. It was taken by him on New Year Eve last year and it went viral on social media recently, causing all the confusion. 


But it is also very important to highlight that when the picture was clicked i.e. December 2020, then also the country and the world was battling with deadly Coronavirus.

But since, it was being circulated on social media as a recent picture of Manali, when the government has imposed strict restrictions and when the country’s struggling with the second wave of coronavirus. The photographer himself had to come up to stop the spread of fake news. Guess this is why it is said, ‘Do not believe everything you see on social media’!

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