Fact Check: Canada Banned Punjabi Students From Applying Study Visa?

Most of us aspire to study in Canada and have a settled life there. Once in our student life we all dream about traveling to Canada and making our parents proud. 

Not just us but even the country has also welcomed the immigrants with open arms. 

However the immigration laws of Canada have been changed a little and made stricter. There is a news going viral on Instagram reels which is a shock to all the Punjabi students. 

This shocking news says that the Punjabi students are banned from applying for Canadian visas for 5 years. 

This means that as per the new immigration laws of Canada, all the Punjabi students who want to apply for the visa are banned for 5 years. 

This news is getting spread like a fire as it is a major shock for all the students in Punjab. 

Fact Check of “Canada Banned Punjabi Students” News

However after verifying from the other media outlets and the official government websites, it was concluded that there is no such provision or law made. 

The news which is being spread on the internet that the Punjabi students are banned in Canada for 5 years is fake and not true. 

Fake news is being shared on social media to deceive the students. 

It happens a lot of times when such news gets viral on the internet which catches the eyes of a lot of students. 

These innocent users end up believing in such fake news which affects their future. So it is very important for the students to do a verified fact check before taking any step in their careers.

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