Fans Are Enjoying Every Dramatic Bit Of Sargun In Her Recent Instagram Reel

Sargun Mehta is a brilliant artist; she made her name in the Hindi Television industry and now she is ruling the Punjabi music and film industry as a renowned model and actress. 

She is an extrovert and a convivial person. Her social media accounts are as witty as she is in her real life. She is very active on her Instagram account and updates her posts regularly. Recently, Sargun made a reel on the popular Bollywood song from the iconic movie DDLJ,  ‘Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main’.

And her video seems quite apt for the song as she is seen wandering from one place to another. Sneaking behind the tree, running around a pole behaving just like a cute little girl and enjoying herself. It was her random, fun video which she edited to the song and posted on her Instagram page. She is looking adorable in her floral dress and white sneakers yet slaying every girl with her looks.

She captioned it ‘I promise they were just randomly shot videos until I edited them to this song and fell in love with my terrible editing skills.’ and this makes the reel more natural and authentic.

Her reel gives a fresh vibe of a baby day out. Watching it will make you feel like a kid too. Along with her fans many celebs like Jagdeep Sidhu, Neeru Bajwa commented on her post.

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