Farmer Brings 10 Lakh Within 30 Minutes After Being Insulted By A Car Salesman

A very shocking incident from Karnataka Tumakuru district came to the headlines. As reported, a farmer was insulted and humiliated by a salesman of a renowned car showroom when the farmer entered the showroom to buy a SUV.

Source : NDTV

The man, Kempegowda RL who hails from Ramanapalya village, went to a Mahindra showroom with his friends on Friday to buy an SUV for himself. 

The salesman in the showroom rudely asked Kempegowda RL to leave the place by saying that the farmer did not have enough money in his pocket to purchase a vehicle. He said, the car is worth Rs 10 lakh, the salesman said, and “you probably don’t even have Rs 10 in your pocket”.

The farmer and his friends were angered by the behavior. Kempegowda asked the salesman if he would deliver the car on the same day if he brought back Rs 10 lakh, in cash. He was able to return with the amount within thirty minutes. 

However, the salesman couldn’t manage the delivery, the same day considering the long waiting list. As a result of the incident, an argument broke out at the showroom and the police had to negotiate. After this, Kempegowda and his friends demanded an apology and more heated words were exchanged, until the police stepped in and broke up the fight.

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