Fatherhood Review: A Successful Attempt At Breaking Stereotypes Around The Blacks

The Netflix adaptation of Matt Logelin’s memoir has been finally released titled ‘Fatherhood’. While the Memoir takes a sentimental path, the Kevin Hart starrer Fatherhood gives the story a comedy drift. By opting for an all-black cast, the film aims at addressing Black maternal mortality and stereotypes around black fatherhood.

Like most of Kevin Hart’s films, Fatherhood tones into a drama-comedy. Despite facing health problems during pregnancy, Matt and his wife Liz are happy to have a newborn come into their lives, Maddy. To hinder the delight, a tragic event takes place. Shortly after Maddy’s birth, Liz gives up her life suddenly to a pulmonary embolism. What remains is a single parent Matt to look after the newborn Maddy and deal with the grief from his wife’s lifetime loss.

While the real-life Logelins are white, the makers of Fatherhood decided to go with Kevin Hart and Ayorinde as the lead, both of whom are black. It is an attempt to bring the poor Black maternal mortality rate in the United States. 

The movie also highlights problems revolving around the birth via the C-section. Tennis World star Serena Williams recently expressed her experience of giving birth via C-section, having a pulmonary embolism, with which she’d already had a medical history. But she had a hard time convincing doctors that something was wrong with her.

The film surely brings social issues in the public eye. With a strong lead, a strong storyline and strong performances, Fatherhood is a strong Netflix release. It is a must watch for everyone, this ride won’t leave you disappointed.

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