FIR Registered Against Gurdas Maan In Jalandhar, Police Grants Sikh Organisations Right To Protest On Delhi Highway

Another day, another legal trouble for Punjabi veteran singer Gurdas Maan. Recent years haven’t been much of a delight for singer Gurdas Maan. After a career filled with greatness and Punjabi folk, he’s started spoiling his image due to his constant disappointing remarks. 

Gurdas Maan had upset the Sikh community recently, when he called Sai Laddi Shah Ji, the former-head of Dera Baba Murad Shah, a descendant of the third Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Amar Das Ji. While he put a lot of public hate to his name for passing such remarks, now it has taken a legal form.

Gurdas Maan later came to publicly apologize for his statement. He said that he had no intention of comparing Laddi Shah Ji to the great Guru, but only meant that they both were born in the same families (Bhalla), hence the descent. But it was not enough for the already outraged Sikh community to settle down.

An FIR has been registered by the Jalandhar Police against the singer. Many Sikh organizations started a protest on the doors of the Jalandhar Police Station, demanding the SSC to register a case against Gurdas Maan. After they jammed the Jalandhar-Delhi highway on the fourth day of the protest, the Police agreed to register an FIR.

Though Gurdas Maan had offered a public apology for hurting the sentiments of all those who were hurt by his statement, the apology seems to have done no good. Gurdas Maan hasn’t yet reacted to the FIR being registered against him. 

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