Five Times Gurbaaz Grewal’s Chemistry With Father Gippy Grewal Gave Us Aww Moments

Five times Gurbaaz Grewal's Chemistry With Father Gippy Grewal Gave Us Aww Moments

Gippy Grewal’s youngest son Gurbaaz Grewal always wins our heart with his cutest videos. Both father and son never miss a chance to give us father-son relationship goals. And this two years old seems like he is mastering the art of posing for a photo shoot. These are not our words, but something made clear by all the adorable videos of Gurbaaz, which is shared on the official social media of Gippy Grewal and Gurbaaz.

Have a look at these cute videos, and don’t blame us if your heart melts in a second.

Gippy Grewal asked Gurbaaz to greet all. The young kid was too drowsy to respond to that, but the moment he was asked to do sat sri akal, he folded his hands in a second.

In this adorable video, Gurbaaz is seen holding a mop bigger than himself. He struggles to clean the floor with the same, and Gippy Grewal in the backdrop is heard giving instructions.

In this video they are dancing on Gippy Grewal’s Limited edition and the father is playing with him, which is again doling out major father-son goals.

Gippy Grewal can be seen blowing the balloon and playing with the younger champ. While the balloon blows up the smile on Gurbaaz’s face, it gives us an aww moment every time we re-watch it.

In this video, you will see Gurbaaz is tempted by soft drink, though his father asks to drink juice but he utters the word ‘Coke’. You will have a crush on this video for sure.

Hence, these cute gestures with the young one undoubtedly made us say ‘Awww’. The father-son combination never fails to make our day with their amazing yet loving videos.

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