Big Breaking: Shots Fired At Rally, Former Pak PM Imran Khan Injured, Hospitalised

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been hospitalized after suffering bullet injuries. Notably, during Imran Khan’s rally in eastern Punjab province on Thursday, unidentified assailants opened fire on a truck with a container on top. Asad Umar, a party official, stated that former PM Khan suffered a leg injury but is otherwise unharmed.

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Reportedly, the attack took place in the eastern Punjab province’s Wazirabad district. As part of his campaign to compel the government to call early elections, former Pakistani PM Imran Khan was travelling in a sizable convoy of trucks and automobiles in the direction of the capital, Islamabad.

Faisal Javed, a senator for the PTI and a close adviser to Imran Khan, was also hurt during the shooting. As per the Pakistani media reports, Javed, whose clothes were stained with blood, stated that “Several of our coworkers had injuries. We learned that one of them has unfortunately passed away “.

Furthermore, the shooter was detained on the site, however, his identity was not known immediately. Meanwhile, the shooting has not yet been attributed to any particular organisation. Although Imran Khan has been sent to a hospital in Lahore, he is not in any danger. Though his leg is injured due to the bullet.

A close aide of Imran Khan claims that the shooter fired six rounds at the truck with a carrier affixed, which was carrying the former Pakistani prime minister. However, Imran Khan is currently safe and undergoing treatment at a hospital in Lahore. Fortunately, as reported by the ARY News, former PM Imran Khan is now out of danger.

However, as the rally was political, demanding early elections in Pakistan, it’s speculated that the attack may be politically influenced. Though nothing is clear yet, but this incident has once again raised numerous questions on the law and order situation in Pakistan.

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