Fraud Alert: Ravi Singh Warns Against Fake Crypto Project Launched In Khalsa Aid’s Name

Cryptocurrency is currently ruling the world. While it has made people billions of dollars, it is also the reason behind people losing billions. Frauds have become an everyday thing in the crypto world. Now, a cryptocurrency fraud is being executed in the name of the humanitarian Sikh organization, Khalsa Aid.

CEO of the international non-profit aid and relief organization Khalsa Aid, Ravinder Singh aka Ravi Singh, posted on his official Instagram handle, spreading awareness among the public about the fraud going on using Khalsa Aid’s name. He uploaded a picture of a coin that had a ‘Khanda’ inscribed and ‘Khalsa Aid Coin’ imprinted at the bottom.

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It looked exactly like a cryptocurrency coin. Ravi Singh wrote that this cryptocurrency project did not belong to Khalsa Aid and is a scam! It appeared in the photo as if a fake link was generated in the name of Khalsa Aid and it was being forwarded to users on Whatsapp.

The digital world is a beehive of frauds. The hackers and fraudsters hide behind the screens to protect themselves and keep on committing frauds even after strict legal rules and regulations. With the increasing craze for cryptocurrency, it has become the new target for fraudsters. We all must keep ourselves updated and always be aware of the frauds going on these platforms.

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