From a Nobody to Gulabi Queen. Story of Jasmine Sandlas’s first album!

Today Punjabi Music Industry is in demand and ruling India. And a name from this industry who is herself a brand is Jasmine Sandlas. We all love & enjoy her songs. But all this success and fame is not something she got overnight. Behind this, there is her struggle for years. And when a fresher doesn’t belong to a singing background,  his/her struggle doubles automatically. Something just like this was the case of Jasmine Sandlas. She knew no music producer and labels but still was so dedicated that she kept writing songs and dreaming about them getting layered with perfect beats.

She was 18, unknown to all the music producers, but with the zest of creating something big and her dream of listening to her own voice with music, it leads her to not lose hopes. One fine day she realized a DJ can definitely help her with music & beats. And that’s when she prepared CDs with her name and contact number on them. With them, she went to a club, but the bouncers didn’t let her in because she was underage. She kept standing outside the club, where at midnight 2:30 AM people came out of the club drunk, she was distributing them the CDs and telling them about her name and her need for a music producer. In response to this, she got a phone call from Bohemia. He helped her with her songs and launched her album, Gulabi.  And the rest became history.

By the way, We really feel like they both should do projects together more often.

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