From Banking To Transportation: List Of Services Affected Due To Bharat Bandh

Recently the nationwide strike was called by a joint forum of trade unions. It will be joined by banks on 28 and 29 March. Not only this, according to the reports of NDTV, it is likely to impact banking services, transportation, railways and electricity.

It has been reported that the alarm for a nationwide strike was taken after a meeting of the joint platform of central trade unions on 22 March 2022. After taking the capital of preparations in several states, the unions announced a two-day all-India strike against “the anti-worker, anti-farmer, anti-people and anti-national policies” of the central government. Strike notices have been sent to various unions to join the strike. Read below to know which services will be affected due to Bharat Bandh.

Banking service

The All India Bank Employees Association will also join the two-day pan-India strike against “anti-worker” policies of the government.

So, it will affect Banking services. Bank employees are participating in the strike as they protest against the government’s plan to privatize public sector banks, as well as the Banking Laws Amendment Bill 2021. 

Meanwhile, the pension of retired workers would not be affected if they participate in the strike.

Railways & Defense

The unions in the railways and defense sector would be making mass mobilization in support of the strike at several hundreds of spots.

Other Services

Various workers from sectors like coal, steel, oil, telecom, postal, income tax, copper, and insurance are predicted to participate in the strike.

Transport Services

The unions said that the transport sector has extended support for the nationwide strike. However, the online booking of tickets for trains and buses will not be affected. It is uncertain that transportation services will be affected.

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