From Better Air Quality To Cooking Experiments, 10 Best Things Happened During Lockdown

Covid-19 has really destroyed almost everyone’s life. During the initial time, everyone was dismayed, confused and shocked. Gradually the realization set in that the Lockdown is not going to be lifted anytime soon. Some got worried but others took it as an opportunity. As the Lockdown has taught us how to adapt to challenging circumstances and learn to deal with the ordeals effectively.

List Of Things We Learned During Lockdown

Visibility Of Himalayas 

Due to the reduction in air pollution, the Great Himalayan Range was clearly visible after 30 years. People living near the hilly areas, be it Haryana or Uttar Pradesh, have seen mountains ranging from the rooftop. It was unknowingly the best time for our nature. 

Cooking Experiment

Due to the closing of restaurants and bars, everyone became master chefs at their homes. From trying chinese cuisine to jalebis we haven’t missed any of our favorite dishes. 

Good Air Quality 

Due to lockdown, industrial activity, reduction of vehicles and personal traveling slowed down. It ultimately decreases air pollution levels to about half their normal levels or less. Undeniably, this reminded us all of the importance of greening our economy for the future, so that we can get back to living in a healthier environment as our ancestors did before us.

Re-connect With Friends/Family

Whether it was working from home or online studies we all have been through this. As we were able to spend a lot more time with loved ones, either because they live at home with you, or because you’ve had more time to talk to them over the phone or through video-chats. Everyone became wise and helpful. 

Value Of Money

Instead of expensive day trips, we were exploring new parts of the neighborhood on foot or reading a book under the sun. We forgot all the parties and dinners and learned how much we could save by enjoying eating at home. We bought some really meaningful things rather than spending money on useless things. 

Focus On Ourselves

The extra time on our hands and the worry of gaining weight have prompted many people to start working out at home. From yoga and meditation to energetic zumba sessions, people all over the world were getting creative with their home workouts.

Tried Interesting Activities 

Children along with their parents tried different activities and discovered new hobbies. Some planned treasure & hunt games, some got into arts & crafts, learned a new language, did gardening or something else. It not only distracted us from a negative environment but also gave us great opportunities to find out about our hidden talents and interests. 

Rewatched Shows Like Mahabharata & Ramayana

The Indian government used mythological shows Ramayan and Mahabharat to ensure people stay at home during the lockdown in 2020. Every 90s kid surely relieved their childhood as they grew up watching these shows. And to all the new generations, they too got to live the bygone era.

Hygiene Obsessed 

Clean hands became a fashion. Our society has become much more hygiene-conscious after the coronavirus crisis, and most people are washing their hands a lot more consistently than they used to.

Technology Friendly

Technology has been embraced in a new way. As not only companies but schools worldwide have started using Zoom, GoogleChats, and other technology to have face-to-face meetings, classes so that the employees or the students can stay connected. 

It might not seem like it at first, but the lockdown really had many benefits. The positive impact on our health and environment is a good reason why everyone should not take such time for granted and make the most of it.

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