From Diljit Dosanjh To The Prophec: Punjabi Artists Who Announced Tours In 2022

Coronavirus has had adverse effects on every major industry of the world and it’s now been a couple of years since the world hasn’t gone back to its normal working. But slowly and steadily the music industry is getting back on track. Artists are announcing live shows to entertain their audience and get engaged with them. 

Punjabi Artists Who Announced Tour In 2022

Diljit Dosanjh

Music sensation Diljit Dosanjh shared the title and the dates of his Musical tour. While sharing the first look of his ‘Born To Shine’ World Music Tour, he unveiled that it will start with his home country India. The tour will begin on April 9th from Gurugram followed by Jalandhar on April 17th. Born To Shine Tour is being presented by SaReGaMa.

Karan Aujla

Punjabi singer Karan Aujla took to Instagram Stories on 4 January to announce his upcoming USA tour and plans for a global tour in 2022. ‘Geeta Di Machine’s first-ever USA tour will be accompanied by a live band and the show will be presented by Baaz Entertainment. The show will be held in the months of April-May 2022.

Sidhu Moosewala

There couldn’t have been a piece of happier news for the Punjabi Music fans in USA and Canada. The live shows will be held by Platinum Events. They uploaded a post teasing fans with a caption from Sidhu Moosewala’s album Moosetape’s trailer! The post mentioned an USA and Canada tour of an unrevealed artist in 2022. Further, they shared a picture with Moosewala and disclosed that the artist is coming to nearby cities.

Arjan Dhillon & Nimrat Khaira

Arjan Dhillon who has impressed us with the album Awara and numerous songs like Ki Karde Je, Shama Paiya and many more is all set to entertain fans with his Destiny Tour. It will be produced by BlueJay & Brotherhood Productions and Presented by Anita Sharma Turner, Remax Associates. Along with Arjan Dhillon, Nimrat Khaira will also join him in the show. The duo together make wonders as we saw them in songs like in album NIMMO, and many other duet tracks. The live show will be held in Winnipeg at Centennial Concert Hall on April 3, 2022.

The Prophec 

Fans of The Prophec cannot keep calm because the artist is coming down to India for his very first India Tour! Yes, you may have heard his beautiful voice singing ‘Kina Chir’ on every second reel you scroll. After sprinkling his magical melodies all around the world like Canada, USA, India, UK, France, Germany, India is all set to host him.

Needless to say that everyone is eagerly waiting to witness the Live concert by these Punjabi artists after this long.

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