From Kapil Dev’s Iconic 83 Win To Him Smashing Four Back To Back Sixes, Here Are Some Of His Special Moments

Former Captain of Indian Cricket team, Kapil Dev is a man of confidence, passion, dedication and discipline. His enthusiasm and amazing spirit could be seen in the movie ‘83’ starring Ranveer Singh. Even now, great international players wish to play the way Kapil used to play. 

Back in his playing days, Kapil Dev was a marvellous fast-medium bowler and a hard-hitting middle order batsman. The way he managed the entire Indian cricket team in his captainship is spectacular. The extraordinary victory of the Indian Cricket Team in the 1983 world cup was a result of his endless dedication and his teams’ ultimate efforts. He made the team win the trophy when no one had confidence in the Indian team; and everyone took Indian Players for granted.

You will be amazed to know Kapil played a total of 131 test matches, and did not miss even a single one due to an injury. He truly is an iron man, who kept on playing to fly the tricolor flag higher. In fact, when India went 9 down in a match, Kapil managed to pull an amazing innings with back to back four sixes, which prevented India from a follow on. Though the team was in a critical situation, Kapil did not lose his cool and saved the team from a follow on.

Undoubtedly, Kapil’s performance kick started the Indian cricket team, and set the benchmark in such a way that even now Indian cricket is shining on the top charts of this world. We wish living legend Kapil more years of happiness.

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