From Selling His Mother’s Bangle To Gifting Her Four. Happy Raikoti Grew In Life

Happy Raikoti is one of the very popular lyricists and singers of the Punjabi Music Industry who has proved his worth with extreme hardwork. We all know he had no godfather in the industry who could lead his way to the industry.

But not everyone is blessed with a perfect life since forever. Some have to struggle to make their lives beyond perfection. And Happy is one of those people too.

Happy Raikoti has faced various problems and struggled with difficult days to reach the level he is on today.

Today on his birthday, we have decided to introduce his fans with a very emotional tale of his struggle story.

Happy Raikoti revealed in an interview that when he had jo money to invest in some business or start working, his mom offered him her gold bangle and asked to sell it and use the money to start his work. Yes, this moment was heartbreaking and emotional for Happy Raikoti but he had no other option.

He took the bangle and sold it. And it is very obvious that no child would like to sell his mother’s jewelry but sometimes time put in certain situation.

No doubt the struggle of Happy Raikoti still continued but after struggling for some more years when he builds his space in the industry he showed gratitude towards the favor of his mother by gifting her not one but four gold bangles.

This long short story is the plot of Happy’s struggling days. We can never say he was always the luckiest, he fought with destiny and made his family proud.

We hope this birthday brings more joy, luck and love in Happy’s life.

Team Kiddaan wishes Happy Raikoti a very happy birthday.

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