Fun Over Fear? Actress Actor Divyanka Tripathi Felt Excited Over ‘Life’s First Earthquake’. Netizens Reacted

When on march 21st earthquake shook Afghanistan and parts of North India. After a 6.6 quake struck northern Afghanistan and a 2.7 quake struck the capital region, strong earthquake tremors were felt in north India.

While Divyanka Tripathi, best known for her role on the daily soap Ye Hai Mohabbatein, took over the internet with her recorded video in which she expressed her excitement at experiencing her first earthquake.

Divyanka shared a story on her Instagram account about how she was excited to experience her first earthquake, “Okay, this is very exciting because I’m experiencing my life’s first earthquake… Gali mohalla sab neeche aa gayi hai,” the actor could be heard saying in the video. 

“So this is exciting, just for the time being, jab tak ke zyada nahi hota.” She then turns the camera to her husband, Vivek Dahiya, and asks, “Isn’t it honey?” 

Given that a devastating earthquake that killed and injured many people in Syria and Turkey just a month ago caused the video to make its way onto Twitter, some internet users were incredibly outraged by Divyanka’s excitement.

As a result, Twitter has been flooded with many individuals slamming her with tone-defeating comments.

“I get she’s excited I won’t judge her for it,” a user wrote. “However, posting this on social media was unnecessary. It’s as if she doesn’t care about the more than 50,000 earthquake victims who died last month.”

“How do people find earthquakes exciting?” another user responded. “And, they’re in a literally recording it,”

Others defended her, saying people were reacting too quickly to her video.

“Why are the people making it a huge issue,” one user wrote. She didn’t mean to harm anyone. She was just talking about herself, so please don’t take it wrong and don’t be mean to her because she’s wonderful. She does not deserve this criticism or hatred.”

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