Galwakdi’s Female Lead Inspired From Kareena Kapoor? Wamiqa Gabbi Spilled The Beans

Popular and very talented actress Wamiqa Gabbi who has proven her worth in various cinema industries of India is now all set to hit the theaters once again with her upcoming Punjabi movie Galwakdi. In the movie, she will be seen playing a jolly and witty character; ‘Amber’. And we will get to see the performance of Tarsem Jassar along with her. 

But since the trailer of Galwakdi has been released, the fans are making random guesses about the characters of the leads, and even the story as well. In fact there are some to whom it seems like the character of Wamiqa Gabbi in Galwakdi is directly or indirectly inspired by Geet from Bollywood movie Jab We Met released in 2007. And we finally have the comment of Wamiqa Gabbi on the same.

In a recent interview, Wamiqa was asked if she thought of acting like Geet or building the character accordingly. And in response to this, Wamiqa simply revealed that there was nothing as such specific in her head. But since she was a part of Jab We Met, there is a possibility that somewhere in her mind the character left its mark and unintedly it influenced her character. She quoted, ‘She (Kareena Kapoor) wasn’t properly in my head like I want to take something from Geet’s character. I was just trying to build Amber as much as I can and make something out of her. I was trying to put-in my own personality to her and exaggerating it.’

And by all this, it has now made very clear that since Amber’s character from Galwakdi has nothing related to Geet from Jab We Met, it has become another suspense for us to think about what Amber would be all about. The movie is all set to release on 31st December. Here is the link to its trailer,

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