Ganesh Chaturthi Pandal Inspired By ISRO’s Chandrayaan 3 Moon Mission In Chennai, Watch Video

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is typically observed with great enthusiasm in India . Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi or Ganeshotsav.

This year the festival is being celebrated from 19th September to 28th September. It is believed that invoking his presence during this time can remove obstacles, bring good luck, and grant success in endeavors.

And amidst all the celebration a fascinating video of a Ganesh Chaturthi Pandal featuring a model of ISRO’s chandrayaan 3 moon mission is going viral!

 The Pandal which resembles the spacecraft of Chandrayaan-3 has gained the attention of many. The Pandal has been erected in Kilkattalai of Chennai.

The Pandal has been Crafted by a local designer as a tribute to Chandrayaan-3,named Shanmugam. The model catches the attention of every passer-by.

 Not only in Chennai, but many such Pandals Inspired by chandrayaan 3 mission have been made in different states and cities of India.

Here are some the videos Of Ganesh Pandals Featuring Chandrayaan 3 Mission:

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