Garry Sandhu Comments On Sidhu Moosewala Joining Politics. This Will Leave You Stunned!

Popular Punjabi artist Garry Sandhu is known for his commendable live shows and interacting with his audience in a quirky style. The singer who always wins everyone’s hearts with his live shows has again gone for the same. While this time he is in talk not only for his singing but for something else. 

In a Live show held during a Kabaddi Cup on 28 February, 2022 at the village Badda Pind, Jalandhar, Garry was seen commenting on Sidhu Moosewala joining politics. Garry said he is very delighted that Sidhu has now become a part of politics. He praised him and said if he keeps working there, our job here (in the singing field) will become easier. After this people started applauding him and he started singing one of his most loved songs ‘Ego’. After this, the fans of Garry got confused about whether he was praising Sidhu or just taking a dig at him.

Sidhu Moosewala, who has often been in headlines after joining the Congress party, has become the talk of the town once again for the same reason. A couple of months ago Sidhu had spoken about the issue of his vocal damage and said that he didn’t reveal about the same because the artist didn’t want to gain sympathy. 

Sidhu further added that he was not like those singers who first claim that they can’t sing due to damaged vocals and then go on to release multiple songs. This statement of Moosewala made the audience think that it was connected to Garry Sandhu because months ago, Garry had told his fans that he had damaged his voice to such an extent that it could be the end of his career.

And after Sidhu’s live session, Garry took to his social media and said that when his throat was damaged, he at least told the fans about it. There are some singers who lie and make a fool of people. To which the fans speculated that Garry Sandhu directed these statements towards Sidhu Moosewala, replying to him for his earlier statements.

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