Garry Sandhu Keeps His Promise, Collaborates With A Street Singer From the UK

Garry Sandhu is one such name among many other artists in the Pollywood industry who believes in experimenting in his songs. From music to collaborations he has been known for many such tracks now. A recent song of his is another amazing yet surprising experimentation by the artist.  

Few weeks back, Garry Sandhu uploaded a snapchat story where he was seen meeting a street singer and praising her for her amazing singing skills. He was on his way from the gym to home where he found a girl singing on the street with some of her instruments. He then met her and uploaded a story praising her. 

Nehanda is a UK based busker, rapper, singer and songwriter. She does street shows for her living. Garry Sandhu noticed her singing while on his way home from the gym and approached her. He said that the busker is a very amazing artist and he would like to collaborate with her in the future. Garry Sandhu came out to be the man of words and fulfilled his promise he made to Nehanda.

Garry Sandhu has collaborated with Nehanda in the recently released song named Too Much, Nehanda has given her beautiful voice to the song. She has sung an entire verse for the song and is no doubt very amazing to hear. 

Nehanda has shared her feelings after this collaboration in the praise of Garry Sandhu by captioning it as, ‘Amazing to collaborate with an artist on this level’.

We are sure you must have also heard this song and if not then you must as this is one of the nicest collaborations of the artist and secondly, it is different from others as Garry made a street artist featured in his song who has a very amazing voice. 

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