Garry Sandhu Reacts To Parmish Verma And Sharry Maan Wedding Controversy

All that is going around in the Punjabi Industry right now is Parmish Verma and Sharry Maan’s heated controversy. After Prince Narula, popular Punjabi singer Garry Sandhu has also reacted to the issue. We are all familiar with the lively nature of Garry and he reacted to the controversy in a similar way.

Prince Narula Comes Out In Open Support Of Parmish Verma In His Controversy With Sharry Maan

The singer uploaded a couple of stories on his Snapchat, the platform he’s most active on. In the stories, the singer was seen reacting to various funny tik toks related to the Parmish and Sharry’s breakup. The tik tok featured a famous dialogue ‘Baaki Jo Marji Hunda Ho Jawe Veere, Par Gaal Ni Kaddni’ from Parmish’s song ‘Gaal Ni Kaddni’ and it was synced along with the video of Sharry abusing Parmish. 

Garry and his friends got a dose of laughter watching the funnily edited video. He further reacted to many such funny videos. Though, we all know that Parmish and Garry do not share a good equation among themselves but Garry stated that Sharry was wrong on his part. “He shouldn’t have abused Parmish in public like that”, said Garry Sandhu.

Earlier in the year, Garry Sandhu and Parmish Verma were involved in a controversy over an Instagram comment. A viral news had spread that Garry was quitting the industry as he had damaged his voice following COVID and excessive alcohol consumption. He had shared it with his fans through a post on Instagram and while replying to a comment in the post’s comment section, had said that he can still sing better than Parmish Verma. It was then followed by a reply from Parmish’s side and the controversy also attracted Public attention.

Why Is Sharry Maan Disappointed After Attending Parmish Verma’s Wedding? Said, I’m Not A Reporter

The Parmish Verma and Sharry Maan breakup has also taken over the public. Who knew one of the most beautiful days in Parmish’s life, the day he got married to the love of his life, would be the same day he would part his ways with a 5-year old close friend.  

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