Jigar Da Tota Song Review: Garry Sandhu’s Heartfelt Tribute To The Lost Ones Will Make Every Soul Cry

Garry Sandhu recently released the song ‘Jigar Da Tota’ on Youtube. It has been released through Garry’s Music Label, Fresh Media Records. Garry Sandhu has penned down the lyrics, sung and composed the song while Habib Kaler has produced the music.

The song is in remembrance of the irrecoverable losses that the Punjabi Community has had to bear in the past few months. Deep Sidhu, then Sandeep Ambian and then a death that shook the whole world, the death of Sidhu Moosewala. 

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Garry Sandhu was indulged in a controversy with Sidhu Moosewala. But just a few minutes of 29 May ended all the beefs, all the controversies, all the rivalries and left the Punjabi Community with a void that would probably never completely fill. 

Garry Sandhu has poured out his heart in the song Jigar Da Tota. You can imagine the mental trauma that the artist is currently going through just by listening to the song. All is not well, people have been hurt and they have been hurt very badly.

Deep Sidhu was killed in a car accident in February, Sandeep Ambian was murdered and Sidhu Moosewala was also brutally murdered on 29 May, what could be called one of the ‘black days’ in the history of Punjab. It is taking time for people to recover from these losses, but life goes on. 

The physical forms of these golden boys of Punjab will never roam the planet now but songs like these are what keep us realizing that they are still around. An artist lives forever with his art and the Punjabi Industry is trying everything to keep Sidhu Moosewala alive forever.

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