Here is Why Gautam Gambhir Said Indian Cricket is a PR Agency Now

Gautam Gambhir has been in the headlines lately because of his ‘middle finger’ gesture that he showed during the Asia Cup 2023 match. 

Now recently an interview is going viral in which Gautam Gambhir has talked about the team obsession and monopoly in Indian cricket.

Without any hesitation,he shares that our country is not a team obsessed nation instead it is an individual obsessed nation. 

As per him, our country respects the individuals separately more than the whole team, be it the broadcasting individuals, media etc. Hence as a result Indian cricket has become a PR agency now. 

He says that the media and PR agency only focuses on specific cricketers and disregards the efforts of the other team players who are doing equally good. With this, he took a jibe at Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni. He says that our media doesn’t give credit to any other Cricketers rather it keeps on focusing only on 2-3 cricketers. 

He believes that individual obsession is the only reason why our Indian cricket team hasn’t won any ICC tournament because team spirit is lagging somewhere. 

Middle Finger controversy of Gautam Gambhir

The India vs Pakistan match of the Asia Cup 2023 was happening in Sri Lanka on September 2 and Gautam was being rushed to the pavilion because of rain. Apparently some fans of Virat Kohli started hailing his name “Kohli Kohli” in front of Gautam Gambhir that triggered his reaction. 

Allegedly out of rage, Gautam Gambhir showed a middle finger to those fans hailing such slogans. This reaction of Gautam Gambhir caught the eye of the media. However the cricketer has come up with an explanation that he was showing middle finger to Pakistani fans who were chanting anti India slogans. 

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