Embarrassing Moment: German Ambassador Does A Fact Check To A Misleading Advertisement In Indian Newspaper

Newspapers are one of t he top most used forms of mass communication in our country. Single AD feature in a newspaper column costs people thousand rupees. We’ve all seen every kind of advertisement in newspapers be it for a To Let sale or some new school opening up with better education and facilities. 

Sometimes, newspaper ADs can be hilarious too as their eye-catching headlines and graphical images catch the attention of the readers instantly making them believe that nothing can be better than that advertisement. 

Talking about hilarious advertisements, a boarding school advertisement marketed as ‘MEGA gathering of India’s leading Boarding Schools in Delhi’ is getting viral on the internet, but you must be wondering why? 

Source: Dr Philipp Ackermann/X

This large and beautiful palace that you see in the newspaper is actually not a boarding school or an educational institution. This mansion is the official residence of the President of Germany and is actually known as the German Bellevue Palace. 

Another embarrassing thing for us Indians is that this AD has been fact checked by Dr Philipp Ackermann, the German ambassador to India and Bhutan.

Dr Philipp took to X and shared the image of this misleading advertisement. He addressed the parents that this building is not a boarding school but the President’s house at Berlin. 

Not only misleading, but such advertisements create a false image of boarding schools in the mind of parents which is more alarming. Netizens have also reacted to this advertisement on X and slammed the creators on creating and publishing such false and misleading Ad. 

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