Gurpreet Ghuggi Tells Why He Does Comedy Movies More & We Can’t Agree More

Gurpreet Ghuggi is one of the most popular actors of the Punjabi industry. The actor is known for his hilarious roles in different comedy films and his witty comedy. We have mostly seen Gurpreet Ghuggi doing comedy roles and his humor has attracted a lot of fans. 

The actor has done few serious and emotional films earlier like Ardaas in which he did a perfect job. It was almost unimaginable that Gurpreet Ghuggi could leave such a great mark on everyone’s heart by his serious acting. 

Recently Gurpreet Ghuggi was asked by a media person why he does comedy films more to which the actor gave a very impactful reply.

He said that he did comedy films because he was helpless. Earlier Punjabi cinema was all about comedy and to feed his family, he had to do such comedy films. He also expressed his wish to work in more films like Mastaney. 

Ghuggi said that for one serious film he is ready to turn down 2 comedy films to live in that character only. He said that if he is doing a serious role then he cannot shoot for a comedy film simultaneously as it affects the output.

As per him a lot of young actors are present for doing comedy films and he hopes that even more actors are casted for such films but as of now he doesn’t want to do any more comedies. Gurpreet Ghuggi wishes to do only serious and emotional films like Mastaney for the next 10 years in his career and nothing else.

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