Gippy Grewal Looks Trendy In This Expensive Boy London Outfit

You all remember when we used to copy Gippy Grewal’s clothing style, his outfits, his hairstyle and dreamt to be just like him? The star was the style icon of Punjab’s youth before the term was even famous. It’s been over a decade and he is still there at the top stealing all the limelight. The youth still wishes to be just like him.

Gippy Grewal does not leave any spare efforts when it comes to styling himself with the most fashionable outfits. This time, the singer-actor was seen wearing a Boy London outfit. He wore a Boy London Artwork Jumper costing ₹15,519. For the lowerwears, he decided to pair the jumper with the same Boy London Artwork Jogger which costs ₹14,484

Jackets are everyone’s favorite. They give your best outfit just an over-shell, giving you another article to flaunt your fashion sense. Gippy wore a Boy London Velvet Puffer Jacket that cost ₹22,761. Now, let’s get to the real deal. Shoes! How can a Punjabi celebrity not wear expensive shoes? 

Gippy Grewal was spotted wearing Black Valentino Vltn Boots that cost around ₹98,330. Shoes costing one lakh INR! Punjabis and expensive shoes are inseparable. When the prices of the outfit are totaled, it amounts to ₹1,51,094. A 1.5 lakh outfit for a general outing can only be worn by a superstar just like Gippy Grewal.

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