Gippy Grewal Reveals The Tracklist Of Album Limited Edition

This day will always be remembered for Punjabi Music. Three of the biggest artists of the industry have dropped explosive bombs today. Gippy Grewal, simply one of the biggest names in the Punjabi industry, has finally revealed the full tracklist of the album ‘Limited Edition’.

Presented by Humble Motion Pictures, the album was announced by Gippy Grewal earlier this year. It instantly became one of the most hyped up projects of the year. Then Gippy went on to unveil the first track, which was a rather Bonus track, ‘2009 Re-heated’ and the vibe to it was unreal. An insight into the album had already been given.

Bonus track was followed by the official intro ‘Capsule’ and then the first official track ‘Hathyar 2’. Hathyar 2 was the moment Punjabi audience realised, Limited Edition is not an album from Gippy Grewal, it is an album from the old Gippy Grewal, the Gippy of 2000s, the man who witnessed and was a major reason behind the rise of Punjabi Music in the world. 

The official tracklist of Limited Edition reveals that the album will have 22 songs, 2 of which, Hathyar 2 and Siraa Hoya Peya have been released. The other 20 will also be out very soon as the official tracklist has been revealed.

Limited Edition was worth the hype; the first 2 songs of the album have already put a stamp on the statement. The album boasts of a huge number of artists involved. Tons of lyricists, tons of Music producers brought together by one man, Gippy Grewal, under one banner, Limited Edition.

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