Gippy Grewal Reveals When Is ‘Warning’ Film Coming To Theatres

Gippy Grewal Reveals When Is ‘Warning’ Film Coming To Theatres

Gippy Grewal is winning the hearts of the audience with his latest album, Limited Edition. The bonus track and the opening track of the album have been released and the audience is loving both of the songs, mainly because of the old-Gippy vibe to them. Gippy Grewal recently held a live interactive session on his Instagram regarding the same.

He began with thanking the audience for loving both of the tracks. The bonus track ‘2009 Re-heated’ was praised by the public for its retro vibe. Soon after that, Gippy officially released the opening track of the album ‘Hathyar 2’ which was equally liked by the audience.

A fan asked Gippy Grewal about his upcoming movies and when he is finally going to start releasing films. To which Gippy replied that he has a number of films ready with him, the only problem is that the theatres are currently not working to their full capacity, neither in India nor in Canada. India and Canada have both allowed theatres to re-open only at 50% capacity. He also added that though Australia has opened the theatres, the output is still very poor.

Gippy added that he believes that the theatres will be opened to their full capacity by the end of the August month and soon after that, in the months of October and November, he will start dropping his films. And there’s big news for the fans, the much awaited ‘Warning’ is going to be the first film to be released.

He said that the trailer as well as the movie are completely ready with them. He will immediately drop the trailer when theatres start working to their full capacity. Warning was initially decided to be released in the form of a web series. The first two episodes had even been released but then it was decided to be released as a film. The fans of Punjabi cinema should be really excited for what this year beholds for them.

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