Gippy Grewal Will Release His Album In The First Week Of August

One of the most loved artists in Pollywood is Gippy Grewal, who is known for his singing, acting and peppy music style. The actor is really busy in his lined up movies and songs. But this time it’s something huge.

Gippy Grewal has dropped a hint about his upcoming album quite a while ago. But now the ‘Carry On Jatta’ actor came live and dropped the update of his brand new album. He revealed that the album is all set and will announce the title soon this week. Alongside, he shared that there’s not much collaboration in his album and the album will be released in August first or second week. 

He further added, he is very happy that Karan Aujla, Sidhu Moosewala and Diljit Dosanjh have also come with such good music. Moreover, about his film ‘Warning’, he told the movie will hit the screen in August or September.

Singer Gippy Grewal also shared a cute video of his youngest son Gurbaaz Grewal, where his adorable audience is listening to his fresh tracks. In the video Gippy sets headphones over Gurbaaz’s head and aims to get his feedback on the album. But the whole time Gurbaaz is throwing tantrums in the video which is a mere dose of cuteness. Scroll down and watch this cute father-son duo video.

Meanwhile, on the work front, he recently hit the music charts with his single track, ‘Jado Nachdi Tu’ and will be seen in many movies like ‘Phatte Dinde Chakk Punjabi’, ‘Maa’ and many more.

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