Girl Allegedly Throws Bra On Stage During Ammy Virk’s Live Show, Watch How The Singer Reacted

Ammy Virk is fully occupied with many projects in his life currently and the recent was his live show in Birmingham, UK. But something unusual happened during the performance of the artist and this is what he remarked to it in return. 

There are many times when the audience notices some unusual events during the live performances of the artists. Mostly it is either some controversial remark or some fan kinda incidents from the spectators’ ends. Ammy Virk is one of those artists who does not very oftenly does live shows, it is quite rare nowadays to see him performing live at the concerts. But it was on 19 December, when he had a live show in Birmingham, UK. 

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During his performance, an unknown person allegedly threw a bra at the stage. It was allegedly a girl who was among the audience at the front and threw her bra at the stage where Ammy Virk was performing a song. However, there is no reason known for this incident as some people say that it is a token of love and admiration in the western culture, whereas, some have totally considered it as a mischievous activity by the female during the live shows. 

When Ammy Virk was performing the song, he noticed a piece of cloth lying near his legs on the stage and when he got to know that it was actually a bra then he kicked it off the stage by saying that this is not of his use. “Eh Mere Kamm Di Cheej Hi Haini’, is what Ammy Virk said when he noticed the ‘Bra’ at the stage.

This video of the bra at Ammy’s stage and him kicking it off is getting viral all over the internet. People in the comments are bashing the person/girl who did it, who threw the bra at the stage when Ammy was performing live for the mass audience. The other end of the internet is praising the artist for ignoring that event and kicking off the bra from the place by not giving further attention to it. 

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