Girl Child Actors Of The Pollywood Industry Who Have Marked Their Presence In No Time

Movies are made with a lot of effort behind it, from the behind-the-camera crew to each and every artist it is composed of. Most of the time it is just the lead actors the audience gets their eyes on and the other supporting actors are kind of forgotten and not remembered once you walk out of the theatres after watching those movies. 

Even if we notice supporting artists, the child actors are the ones that can be easily slipped out of the mind. But not to forget, the child actors are the soul of the particular film they act in. There are some of the girl child artists that have marked their presence among the audience’s hearts by appearing in many continuous projects and delivering the best of them. 

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We have got a list of 5 such girl child actors that have been amazing on screens and are sure to be appreciated whether not just everyday but today, with this article. 

Top 5 Girl Child Actors Of Punjabi Industry

Dilnoor Kaur Chauhan 

Dilnoor aka Angel is what a born-star can be said to be. She has done many Punjabi films and marked her presence among the other lead and veteran actors of the industry. She has delivered super amazing acts and performances in movies like Naukar Vahuti Da (2019), Rabb Da Radio 2 (2019), Daana Paani (2018), a bollywood movie Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga (2019) and many more. Dilnoor has achieved an immense amount of love from the audience and is still managing to do so, looking forward to her amazing approaching years and other movies very soon.

Rabab Kaur 

Renowned director and writer Jagdeep Sidhu has given all of his traits to his daughter Rabab Kaur as it is. Yes, the child actor who has acted in the 2020-film Sufna is the elder daughter of Jagdeep Sidhu. She played the role of Young Teg (the young role of Tania) in it and grabbed everyone’s eyeballs on herself with her stupendous performance. Rabab made everyone stand on their toes with her act in a particular song from the film named Ammi and made us wish to see more and more of her on the screens.

Siddhi Rathore 

Siddhi Rathore, with the minimum theatrical releases has established her name among the top child actors of the industry. Marking her presence in Sajjan Singh Rangroot, Daana Paani and Rabb Da Radio 2 she has stood in people’s hearts and minds with super amazing acts. Rabb Da Radio 2 also went on to win the National award and Siddhi played a pivotal role in it to be remembered.

Kanishtha Kaushik 

Kansihtha Kaushik is popularly known for her cute dance videos on IG reels which she shares on a regular note. She has garnered a lot of love from the audience with her dance snippets that she has more than 2.5 Lac followers on Instagram. She is also a singer and has a number of music videos on Youtube. Kishtu is the daughter of Punjabi singer Sarthi K and has acted in the songs like Dheeyan with Shree Brar and has more amazing projects lined up to be out soon in the future.

Baani Ghai 

Baani Ghai is another girl child actor in the Punjabi industry who is known for her debut role in Prabh Gill’s song named Ik Supna. Her act was very well appreciated in the formerly released video. Another song she is known for is Babul Da Vehda with Divyanka Tripathi and we are looking up to her to act in Punjabi movies too, super soon. Loving her act, we can;t wait to see her on big screens as well.

These were the 5 girl child artists in the Punjabi movie as well as music industry who woo us with their sweet and cute performances and acts on-screen and make us love and admire them more. This is just the initial phase of these little cute actors, we are looking forward to seeing them more on the big screens in the coming years.

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