Gitaz Bindrakhia Had Kept Something That Belonged To His Father

Surjit Bindrakhia was one of those celebrities who excel the spectrum of the Punjabi music industry and took it to new heights that we can witness in the present time. He was popular for his hekh, which is a single note that continues in one breath.

He kicked the bucket in 2003 and India lost one of its extraordinary artists. In his lifetime, he entertained the public with his singing and now the son is stepping in his father’s shoes. Gitaz Bindrakhia joined the Punjabi music industry and got fame from his debut song ‘Tere Bajhon Bindrakhia’.

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In a talk show, while speaking about his father, Gitaz shared that, in the memory of his father, he preserved his vehicles at the residence. He had his father’s car, the Mitsubishi Pajero, which was the last car that Surjit Bindrakhia purchased and in this manner Gitaz kept his father’s belongings to himself.

Keeping something that belongs to our loved ones is a way to remember them and keep them alive in our memories.

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