Glasgow Protesters Successfully Secure The Release Of Two Indian Men Detained By British Immigration Officers

Scenes of Joy emerged from the Glasgow city in Scotland when the Glaswegians exhibited the true spirit of unity. Hundreds of protesters gathered around a deportation van of British officers that carried two Indian men, Lakhvir Singh and Sumit Sehdevi,away from the Kenmure Street. 

The pair had been detained from the local area for “suspected immigration of fences” and the van belonged to the United Kingdom’s Home Office, which sets immigration rules for the country. 

Hundreds of protesters stood in the way of the deportation van and prevented it from taking away the two men. A protester climbed on the van to prevent it from moving while others blocked its exit path.

The protesters raised the slogans “These are our neighbours, Let them go”. At the end, the British officers had to finally give up against the massive crowd and finally released the two Indian men. Scenes of happiness emerged on the street and the men were received with applause.

The protesters have been praised for their stand worldwide by various refugee communities and sections of media. 

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