GOAT Review: Can Sidhu Moosewala Ever Disappoint? No!

One of the biggest albums ever in the Punjabi Music Industry, MooseTape is almost near to its end. Sidhu Moosewala dropped the 22nd track on the album titled ‘GOAT’ and the song’s going to keep your spirits up! But the disappointing fact is that this is the last-second song on the album! Only one song remains and MooseTape will officially be done.

The song GOAT has the music of the very talented Wazir Patar, who has previously featured in MooseTape as a music producer in the song Malwa Block. The music video of the song is very evidently directed by Sukh Sanghera, the quality of the video is enough to tell you who’s the man behind it.

The song’s been shot in the beautiful city of Dubai and the money that’s been put on the song is unimaginable. The locations and the costumes have been very smartly selected keeping in mind the colour theme of the song. Sidhu Moosewala’s looked like an absolute killer in the song. Roaming on the streets with his shooter gang, he wasn’t joking in Moosedrilla. 

Wazir has done a tremendous job with his signature low style yet hyped up music. Nobody can do it better than Wazir Patar and he’s completely pulled off the music of Goat. However, the highlight of the song remains its video. Sukh Sanghera was already one of the bests in the business but with Moosetape, he’s let his beast side out!

We also got to see the Dubai influencer, Jumana Khan in the music video alongside Sidhu. The shots from the music video and the feature of Jumana show that it was the shooting set of Goat song from where the pictures had leaked a few months ago. 

Overall, the song is surely a must listen, after all it is the last-second song of the album. And now, only one song remains! Celebrity Killer is the only song remaining from simply one of the best music albums ever! 

Listen to this banger by Sidhu Moosewala here : 

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