How Much Does Gobinda Sardaar Charge For 1 Promotional Video?

Gobinda Sardaar is undoubtedly one of the biggest social media influencers in Punjab at the time. His Instagram reels have become a trend in Punjab and there is hardly anyone who wouldn’t have come across a Gobinda Sardaar reel.

Gobinda Sardaar and his team is also famous for their promotional content. They promote various businesses in their videos, but in a way like no other. Recently, in an interview, social worker Anmol Kwatra asked Gobinda about how much he charges for 1 promotional video on his channel.

Gobinda revealed that his team charges 25,000 Rupees for 1 Promotional video, on all of their platforms. This was an unanswered question that many people wanted to know, for a long time.

Gobinda Sardaar generally uploads videos alongside his team that includes Avu, Heera and Sukhi. Their promotional content is famous for their out-of-nowhere nature and abrupt script. This is also a reason why his videos are viral.

Recently, comedian Zakir Khan uploaded a story asking people to get him in touch with Gobinda Sardaar. Gobinda described it as an achievement and a testimony of the hard work that he and his team put into their videos.

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