Gold Media Clarifies Sidhu’s MooseTape Available On JioSaavn, Unofficial

MooseTape is one of the most awaited albums of Sidhu Moosewala which is finally releasing its songs. While it’s trending on YouTube, it has also raised a new controversy.

It was loud, clear and officially announced that MooseTape will be available on Spotify. But recently it was noticed by the fans that the album is also available on JioSaavn.

It’s also known that Punjabi Industry and fans are trying their best to boycott JioSaavn due to the ongoing Farmers Protest. In such a situation fans aren’t liking anything related to Punjabi Industry releasing on Jio’s platforms. 

When fans complained and questioned the team of MooseTape, they noticed the trouble and cleared the fact that they have not released it on JioSaavn. They have only released the album on Spotify which was already and officially announced.

Gold Media took it to it’s official Instagram account where they shared their side of the story and cleared the facts with their fans.

They made it very clear that the upload of MooseTape on JioSaavn is not permitted by them and is still anonymous. They have already requested to take down the songs from the platform.

They wrote,
“We have not uploaded any song of MooseTape on JioSaavn.
It is a fake uploaded by someone else without our permission we have already filed takedown request. 
It will be down within minutes. 
We have not share anylink of jiosaavn in any description of our songs on Youtube i am sharing screenshots too in next story
Support Real.”

After this, they also shared the screenshots of the description of various tracks of MooseTape from YouTube.

Sidhu Moosewala has also re-shared the story on his Instagram account.

Immediately after a few minutes they updated the fans about all this. The album was taken down from JioSaavn and is not available for streaming anymore.

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