Gold Media Stands Up For Ammy Virk Amid All The Backlash Due To Working In Bhuj Movie

Ever since the trailer of Bhuj: The Pride Of India dropped, Ammy Virk’s social media has been flooded with comments of hate and criticism from all sides. The star has been subjected to public criticism and backlash for working with companies promoting anti-farmer sentiment and Bollywood stars who gave anti-farmer statements amid the ongoing farmer’s protest in Delhi.

Ammy Virk had been quiet on his part and ignoring all the hate but the industry couldn’t let one of their finest and most honest artists be subjected to unnecessary hate. After Jagdeep Sidhu openly came out in support of artists facing hate due to the above mentioned issues, now Gold Media, the digital marketing company, came out and openly showed their support for Ammy Virk.

Gold Media uploaded a post in clear and strong support of Ammy Virk. The company said that Ammy Virk has been with the farmer’s protest since day 1. The movie, Bhuj, might be releasing now, when the farmers are fighting for their rights and Punjabis are calling for a boycott of all anti-farmer promoting things, but it was shot in 2019 when farmers’ protest wasn’t a thing.

They also added that Ammy Virk has been supporting the Kisaan Andolan from his heart. He’s done selfless service for the protest, it is not mandatory to put everything on social media. 

They also called out for the Instagram pages that are adding to this unnecessary hate by making old and misleading clips go viral. Jagdeep Sidhu had uploaded a couple of stories recently, to show support for artists facing hate for working with Bollywood. It appears to have had some effect on the overall industry and now a big company with a stature like Gold Media has come out in Ammy’s support. 

Take a look at the instagram post Gold Media uploaded in support of Ammy Virk :

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