Goldy Brar Not Arrested? Mastermind Appears In YouTube Interview With Journalist Ritesh Lakhi

The news of detention of Canada-based gangster Goldy Brar went officially viral, soon after Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann officially announced the same. However, on December 5, three days after CM’s official announcement on Goldy Brar’s detention, the mastermind behind Sidhu Moose Wala’s murder, in a YouTube interview to journalist Ritesh Lakhi, claimed that he has not been detained!! 

Reportedly, he stated that his entire group left the US and Canada long back and that he has not been detained, adding that the news about his detention is absolutely false. Moreover, as soon as the YouTube interview went viral, the opposition leaders, majorly former Akali Minister Bikram Singh Majithia slammed CM Bhagwant Mann in a tweet. Bikram Singh Majithia, on twitter, stated: 

Though the Punjab government has not replied on the matter yet. Notably, as claimed by CM Mann in the press conference after Goldy Brar’s detention news went viral, the Punjab government had been attempting to bring Brar to India. However, now in Goldy Brar’s latest interview to senior journalist Ritesh Lakhi on his YouTube channel, he claimed that he is free and that he has not been detained. 

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In the interview, Brar said the US Police did not detain or arrest him. Moreover, he claimed whatever CM Mann said was absolutely incorrect. Notably, on December 2 in Gujarat, Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann asserted that Goldy Brar, the mastermind behind Sidhu Moose Wala’s murder, was detained in the US. He further added that Goldy Brar would soon be brought to India and strict action will be taken against him. 

But in the latest interview, Goldy Brar has made it clear that he has not been detained. In his telephonic interview with senior journalist Ritesh Lakhi, Goldy Brar slammed the Punjabi government, talked about Sidhu Moosewala, Bambiha gang and more. 

He first slammed the AAP government and stated that the gangster trend won’t come to an end under the party’s rule. And he also went on to talk about the motive of gangsters. He said, “We (gangsters) are not aspiring to build huge houses and kothis, we are waiting for death only.”

Then, Goldy Brar revealed that he has left America and cannot actually disclose where he is. But he assured in his statement that all the news about my detention and interrogation is fake. 

And to prove he has not been detainer, he talked about and once again confessed the murder of Raju Thehet murdered yesterday in Rajasthan. Taking a dig at the fake news and official claims, Goldy Brar said, “Hun Detention Ch Murder V Hon Lag Gaye? Police Surveillance Ch Murder Vi Ho Jaande Ne, Eh Nhi Mainu Pata Si”. 

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Goldy Brar, in the interview also talked about Sidhu Moosewala’s connection, addressed him as a gangster and went on to slam the Congress party for whitewashing his image. Goldy Brar revealed that he got Sidhu Moosewala killed because he was associated with Mandeep Dhaliwal. 

Apart from these, Goldy Brar also released a hot statement on Sidhu Moosewala as he said, “We (gangsters) agree that we are wrong, but atleast we are not like Sidhu Moosewala. We keep what’s in our hearts, on our face.”

In last, Goldy Brar slammed the police and authorities for arresting every shooter involved in Sidhu Moosewala’s murder case, but not investigating the murder cases of his gang members. 

Till now, no official from the Punjab government, police or Sidhu Moosewala’s family has reacted to Goldy Brar’s latest interview.

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