Senior Journalist Ritesh Lakhi Claims That “Goldy Brar Was Already Detained On November 18/19”

Gangster Goldy Brar’s detention news has been trending across the media today. However, as claimed by senior journalist Ritesh Lakhi in a video on his YouTube channel, Ritesh Lakhi Unplugged, gangster Goldy Brar was detained almost 10–11 days ago! Notably, he has claimed that the detention of gangster Goldy Brar took place on November 18/19, as a part of a secret operation!

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Surprisingly, he claims that on May 29, gangster Goldy Brar, on a phone call, claimed responsibility for Sidhu Moose Wala’s murder. He further claimed, “It was expected that Goldy Brar was in Canada; however, he had been hiding in the US.” Moreover, journalist Ritesh Lakhi also stated that the Anti-Gangster Task Force of Punjab police and the NIA (National Investigation Agency) were keeping a close eye on every movement of Goldy Brar in the US.

As claimed further, the detention of Goldy Brar had been successful due to the “Red Corner” notice issued against him. Notably, he was detained in Seattle, US. Furthermore, he claimed that the Punjab Police Anti-Gangster Task Force played a significant role in this operation.Though the entire operation was kept hidden, now, as per the media reports, he has been detained.

In a press conference, Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann, in an official statement, said that Goldy Brar has been detained in the US and that he will soon be brought to India. “We are determined to completely eradicate gangster culture from Punjab.” Goldy Brar will soon be brought here, and strict action as per the law will be taken against him. “We will not allow anyone to sever Punjab’s social bonds,” said CM Mann.

Goldy Brar is the one who claimed responsibility for Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala’s murder on May 29. Though initially his claims were being checked by security agencies, now it’s clear that he was the mastermind behind Moose Wala’s murder. Moreover, it’s a big news for not only the family, friends, and fans of Sidhu Moose Wala but also for people from across the country.

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