Golgappas Were Invented By A Hindu Mythological Character, Know Who It Is!

Golgappas Were Invented By A Hindu Mythological Character, Know Who It Is!

King of Indian street food, Golgappe has embedded a special place in the hearts of Indians. Gol gappe has many names like Pani puri, phulki, puchka and more. It is crunchy deep-fried dough with tangy, saucy and flavourful chutneys. There’s no one who denied this snack ever. But there’s a very interesting story which we bet you are definitely unfamiliar with.

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Behind Pani Puri or Golgappe, there’s a mythological tale and as per the tale, when a newly-wedded Draupadi came home, she was given a task by her mother-in-law Kunti. As the Pandavas were living in exile, they had to survive with limited resources. Kunti wanted to test if her new daughter-in-law would be able to manage with them. So she gave Draupadi some leftover vegetables and just enough wheat dough to make one puri. She urged her to make food that would satisfy the hunger of all her sons. So, she decided to make many small puris and serve it with tangy water. Hence, it is believed that this was when the new bride invented an early variation of Golgappa. 

Moreover, the dish later won her praise and appreciation from her mother-in-law Kunti, who also blessed the dish with immortality. Further, after that pani puri travelled across India and made the country fall head over heels in love with it. Over the years, the combinations went through many changes as each region developed its own taste according to its preferences.

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Hence, isn’t it amazing that this tempting snack has its origin from ancient times. 

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